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Before its destruction by Henry VIII in the dissolution of the monasteries, GLastonbury Abbey was the largest and most influential church in Britain — bigger than…

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Perhaps the most interesting and least discussed aspect of the EU referendum result is that it was a total failure of government public relations or propaganda. Those who voted to…

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One of the commonest complaints from Remain supporters following the Brexit referendum, and from Democratic supporters following the US Presidential Election, was that voters have…

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The fierce social media ding-dong over Brexit did have one entirely unexpected result for me – I gained a new insight into the perennial debate about Marxism versus Capitalism.…

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Buy Phentermine 37.5 Canada

It’s a curious aspect of freedom in a civilized society that almost everyone complains that  the press has too much freedom, but very few complain that we have too much of any…

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Twenty years ago, the single market benefited British companies in their overseas trade. The Common Market, as the EU then was, had no internal tariffs but a common external…

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Ever since the US Primaries, I’ve made the assumption that Donald Trump, if elected, would be an unimaginably catastrophic president and that Hilary Clinton, though badly…

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The Facebook meme shown below is designed to poke a little fun at the silly stuff that passes for informed comment on FB and it’s welcome to the extent that we can all do with a…

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According to recent headlines both in the print media and on the well-informed and impartial BBC TV (not) the UK is heading for Brexit disaster on two fronts. First, Teresa…