An empiricist’s laundry list


1. What you see is what you get.

2. There is no jam tomorrow.

3. Things get worse, without limit.

4. Every word you’ve ever read or heard is someone else’s PR bullshit. Choose your own words.

5. People believe what they want to believe – not just uneducated and superstitious people but the wisest and most knowledgeable.

6. Buddha says there are 27,000 ways to delude yourself. This is a serious underestimate. There are many more ways to fool yourself.

7. The only form of government that cannot be corrupted is when people govern themselves.

8. Science is about empirical evidence and proof. Most scientists believe things not because of evidence or proof, but because they seem “reasonable.”

9. We are all hypnotised by others. Choose your hypnotists with care.

10. The only person who is going to discover you, and make you a star, is you.

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