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Sadly, the stunning exhibition of paintings by Peder Balke at London’s National Gallery will be coming to an end on 12 April, in only a month’s time – do try to…

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This may sound a slightly odd question but stay with me for a moment. Have you ever been watching an old film on TV and thought that the theme music sounded familiar? So familiar…

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Phentermine 37.5 Mg Paypal

Prometheus – Ridley Scott Ridley Scott is one of the greatest film makers of all time. Even his less successful films are superior to many another director’s best efforts.…

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Ubik, by Philip K Dick, is my all-time favourite novel – and that is a considered view, not an idle claim. Science fiction writers are sometimes said to be ahead of their time.…

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The Bank of Canada is asking Star Trek fans to stop doodling on $5 bills to turn them into Mr Spock lookalikes. Since Leonard Nimoy died, Canadian fans have been “Spocking”…

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Sigourney Weaver will don her space suit once more The buzz about a re-boot of the Alien franchise that has been gathering over the net for the past few months seems to have paid…

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My top ten favourite novels One of the great pleasures of writing your own book review blog is that you can be as selfish, intransigent, wilful, contrary and infuriating as you…

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When I Re-published my novel Dead Secret on Kindle I had to say goodbye to a cover design that I loved – and one with an interesting story attached. The original…