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Even its most enthusiastic supporters recognize that the European Union is badly in need of reform. And the strongest form of the case for remaining a member can be summed up as…

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The European Union is a single market – a customs union of nations who wish to trade with each other. But it’s a single market, or trading bloc, unlike any other. Most people…

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What do the following organisations have in common? University of Cambridge, English Nature,  Natural England, University College London, Green Alliance, the Institute for…

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To the Chichester Festival Theatre to see Hugh Bonneville in Ibsen’s An Enemy of The People. The performance was flawless and attracted long-lasting applause. I recommend a…

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My grandfather, William Milton, worked for most of his life as an engineer with a single company, Siemens Brothers at Woolwich. My father, also worked all his life as an engineer…

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A vocal minority of those wishing to remain in the EU has taken up the cry “Name one study that shows Britain will be better off out of the EU”.  So let’s look at a few,…

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Think the EU is responsible for banning roaming charges?  Clean beaches?  Workers rights?  Health & Safety?  Here are the real facts. In the famous scene from the film…

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When those planning the “Remain” campaign drew up their strategy, they had one huge obstacle to overcome – the fact that other countries, notably Norway and Switzerland,…

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Have the EU’s accounts for the past 19 years been signed off by the auditors or not? The EU says they have been signed off, while critics in parliament and the media say they…

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Today I transgressed. I broke the ultimate taboo – the one we’ve always been told never to even think about. It’s a sorry tale – and yet in its way a…

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Where is François-Marie Arouet when you need him? I utterly detest Donald Trump’s poisonous rhetoric, his rancid views and his casual racism. Yet I would defend to the death…

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Here’s an interesting titbit of behind-the-scenes trivia about My Fair Lady for musical film fans. Most people know that Rex Harrison more or less spoke his way through his…

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One thing to be thankful for, in a democracy like ours, is that the secrecy of the ballot box is sacrosanct – no-one can ever know how I voted. Or can they? It seems that, in…

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How on earth did we end up with the horrible mess that is the Middle East today – and is it true that we in the west are largely to blame for it? There are, of course, no simple…

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Although it’s not possible to say with any certainty whether Britain would be better off financially in or out of the EU (see previous blog post at…

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Both the Stay and the Leave campaigns claim that we will be “better off” inside/outside the EU. They can’t both be right, so which is it? In September 2013 the House of…

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Every few years there is some discovery or other in the physics lab or the astronomical observatory that is invariably headlined by the media as “confirming that Albert Einstein…

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When Descartes famously equated thinking with existing, the idea of existence meant something very different from today. He lived in a world before quantum mechanics and…

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Is there a ghost driving the machine that is the human body? The most compelling reason why many rational people dismiss the idea of a human soul or spirit that survives death is…

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When we moved into our new (Victorian) house we quickly noticed that the entrance gate wasn’t working properly. Like many such gates, the bottom hinge had come loose out of the…

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As the weather gets continually worse, the Meteorological Office feels an increasing need to improve its public relations image in case it gets the blame. So the big initiative of…

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One of my FaceBook friends, whose opinions I respect, recently described the 2011 film Sucker Punch as weird but interesting, prompting me to wonder: just how weird is the film?…

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Isn’t it amazing what you can find just lying around? A friend told me about a field near my village where he had found strange looking green stones. I searched where he told me…

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The first commercially successful typewriter was the machine invented by Christopher Sholes in 1873 which – with its Qwerty keyboard – dominated the typewriter industry…

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There are dozens of books that have been on the “To Read” shelf in my imagination for many decades. The older I get, the more likely it is that most of them are destined to…

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Some years ago I published a book titled Forbidden Science (Alternative Science in the US) and came in for considerable criticism over my choice of title. People glared sternly at…

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On 13th February 1866, members of the Jesse James gang entered the Clay County Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri, in broad daylight, drew their pistols and held up the…

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The disturbing answer is “a lot closer than you might think.” The received story of German nuclear development in World War II goes something like this. Hitler and the Nazis…

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One of the biggest obstacles to being successful and happy in life is that every time you log on to Facebook or LinkedIn, there is some smartarse posting uplifting messages of a…

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Downton Abbey has been one of Independent Television’s biggest money-spinners since its launch in 2010. Sales and audience figures have been specially good in the United States…

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One of the most persistent myths of the financial industry is that the shares traded on the stock exchange somehow indicate the ‘value’ of the company that issued them. In…

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Mention the subject of financial fraud – especially pyramid schemes – and one name that springs to mind immediately is Charles Ponzi. He has given his name to the kind…

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A recently published paper by David Chambers, Elroy Dimson and Justin Foo of Cambridge University examines the investment record of eminent economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynes…

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In 1957, researcher James Vicary said that he had exposed cinema audiences of more than 45,000 adults to images on the cinema screen for only three-hundredths of a second –…

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For two years, between 1941 and 1943, novelist and essayist George Orwell worked for the Ministry Of Information as a BBC Talks Producer for the Eastern Service.  His job…

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Most people interested in the Second World War know of the Double Cross organisation – the brilliant initiative by British Intelligence in which all the German spies who…

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Like many great films, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid was born from a Hollywood lunch. In the summer of 1980, Steve Martin was lunching with director Carl Reiner and screenwriter…

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You’ve sneaked yourself onto a party of tourists being shown over Windsor Castle. You’ve tagged along, gawking at the grandeur, until you reach a back corridor signposted…

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Perfume is one of those books that stands almost completely alone in literature. Perhaps Crime and Punishment or American Psycho might be found on the same shelf but even they…

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Let me explain my question. Traditional publishers are under greater pressure than ever from digital self-publishing. But they are fighting their corner with the same PR story…

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There’s a timeworn story about an 80-year-old man, Old Joe, who regularly goes to dances in his town. Even though he’s old and wizened, whenever Joe sees an attractive young…

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In 1994,  Doron Witztum,  Eliyahu Rips, and Yoav Rosenberg published an article in the respected journal Statistical Science, entitled Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book…

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The central issue in the debate over climate change is the question: is climate change caused by humans burning fossil fuel and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?…

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To judge by the words written on the subject, the most sought after and most prized outcome of professional marketing efforts is recommendation by word of mouth. Every PR and…

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Every story must have its own DNA Everything that happens in the narrative – every incident, every character, every plot twist, every reversal, every surprise – must…

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A friend once tried to describe her new in-laws to me. ‘What are they like?’ I asked. ‘They’re at one end of normal’ she said, ‘and we’re at the other end.’…

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A good friend of mine – I’ll call her Carol – asked for my help with a tricky client. Carol is a professional book editor and a very meticulous one – although…

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I’m going to start my review of this First World War thriller with what, for me, is one of the most terrible confessions a man can make. I am a book thief. My copy of…

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The 1982 film Fitzcarraldo, by Werner Hertzhog and starring Klaus Kinsky, is completely and totally bonkers. It could only have been conceived and made by men who are totally…