Have the EU accounts been signed off or not?


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8 Replies to “Have the EU accounts been signed off or not?”

  1. Who in their right mind would vote to stay within such a corrupt, unaccountable organisation?
    Progressively, things will only get worse, if we stay within the eu.
    Cut out this cancer with a NO vote.

    1. richard@richardmilton.co.uk says:

      Sadly, Anthony, you’re right – it’s a terminal disease that urgently needs treatment, and it can only be treated from outside, not from within.

  2. Why then do the leader of the Conservative Party and the leader of the Labour Party, along with our Chancellor, George Osborne, say we should stay in the EU?

    1. richard@richardmilton.co.uk says:

      Hi June,

      It’s a good question. The answer is that David Cameron, George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn have only one aim in life and that is to cling on to office as long as possible, so they can continue to enjoy the power and the money that it brings. They think that doing what the EU tells them is the only certain way to cling on to office as long as possible – if we vote to leave on Thursday they will be discredited and kicked out of office.

  3. Isabella Jackman says:

    Thank you for this very interesting post.

  4. Mark says:

    Fantastic article. I announced you and your accounts not signed off info on your website when I spoke live on LBC about 12.30am this morning on Nick Abbot ‘show’. He spoke over me and cut me off but not before I got the truth on air plus your details twice 🙂

  5. richard@richardmilton.co.uk says:

    Thanks Mark,

    Thanks for your support and good luck with Lions of Britain.

    Richard Milton

  6. Philip Nixon says:

    Having read ” Brussels Laid Bare “, I was aware of the institutionally corrupt monstrosity that is the EU. I was not aware of the huge amount of “misunderstood “missing billions.Many thanks.

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