Just another coincidence


When we moved into our new (Victorian) house we quickly noticed that the entrance gate wasn’t working properly. Like many such gates, the bottom hinge had come loose out of the brick gate-pillar so the wrought ironwork gate hung down at the front and you had to lift it up to clear the latch and swing open.

I thought of getting in a bricklayer to repair it but realised that this would be prohibitively expensive. I tried to think of the simplest way of repairing it myself, but all I could come up with was cramming the hinge hole full of epoxy resin or cement to make the hinge secure enough to take the weight of the gate. I’ve tried repairs like this before and  didn’t have much confidence that it would work or that it would last for long.

WP_20160110_002That night we had very stormy weather (I think it was storm “Abigail”).  Next morning I left the house and to my astonishment found that gate was working normally.  I looked more closely and found that the storm had repaired the gate.  It had blown a twig from a nearby street tree into the one position where it jammed the hinge into remaining in the correct position so that the gate was now hanging normally. (See pics above and left.)

Three things struck me about this coincidence. First, that a random series of natural events had “repaired” our gate, at just the time I noticed it and wanted it repaired. Second, the instrument of repair was a natural wooden dowel of exactly the right diameter and length needed to do the job. Third, the nature of the “repair” made me realise that there was a far simpler way to repair the gate permanently than the ways that I had conceived – namely to fix to the hinge a metal rod of the same dimensions as the twig.

The aspect of this coincidence that makes it noteworthy to me is that it exemplifies in the highest degree the feature of synchronicity that has seemingly to do with some form of communication between human consciousness and the cosmos. I wanted my gate hinge repaired: a storm repaired it and showed me a way to make it permanent.

I can’t wait for a “skeptic” to dismiss my experience by saying that I am underestimating the frequency with which coincidences occur and that I’ve simply failed to notice all the other times that storms have repaired my gate.  🙂


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2 Replies to “Just another coincidence”

  1. Catherine says:

    As the twig has now fallen out, do you think you could find and apply an appropriate metal rod?

  2. richard@richardmilton.co.uk says:

    I shall beam a message to the cosmos immediately.

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