What has the EU ever done for us?


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4 Replies to “What has the EU ever done for us?”

  1. Why then do the leading members of our government and opposition think it best for us to stay in the EU? Surely, with the global threat of ISIS and terrorism it is best for us to work together with our neighbours to combat this evil?
    The ‘Leave’ Campaign have produced so many inaccuracies.

    1. A further comment: I listened to an 82 year-old philosopher say recently that it is possible to have a strong personal identity in belonging to a European entity
      and he also said that it is bad economics to come out of Europe.
      I do think that in this modern age we should not “go it alone”. We do, after all, have a say in what is decided in Brussels. Our own MEPs must work for reform within the EU.

  2. Steve Gibbs says:

    You can’t reform the EU – if you could we would have stayed in.

  3. richard@richardmilton.co.uk says:

    Sadly Steve, I think you are right. When Cameron went to discuss reforms with EU leaders they simply gave him the Brussels Shuffle and he came home empty handed. Had they listened to him, I believe the referendum result would have gone the other way.

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