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One Reply to “Why Freud is important to the future of science”

  1. borky says:

    Richard I used to be a great frequenter of your original alternative science site so I’m glad to find you’re still kicking arses and still taking names.

    Concerning the observation Freudian patients dream Freudian dreams Alderians Adlerian dreams Jungians Jungian dreams and so on has it occurred to anyone if you were dealing with a French Freudian you’d attempt to communicate with them in French an Italian Adlerian Italian Japanese Jungian Japanese?

    Concerning your own observation “the irrational or non-rational world of dreams has a structure that is intelligible to the unconscious mind” and that “It is possible for a single individual to behave sometimes like a girl and sometimes like a man. An armchair really can roll along the road. Passenger jets actually do take off and land on runways that resemble suburban roads, complete with a white line down the middle” etc I’m one of these people who while having an extraordinarily vivid dream life also undergo even more extraordinary experiences while fully awake. In fact I’d go as far as to say while even more vividly awake than usual. My point being people like me’re dismissed as mad and in need of being locked up because we’re damaged or deficient or maybe even dangerous. Yet might it not be possible weirdos and freaks like me’re actually harbingers of a growing merger between the misunderstood dreaming or ideational mind and the equally misunderstood so-called waking or concretational mind? In which case you may very well be onto something.

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