Hard-nosed journalist Tony Gabriel thinks he knows it all until he meets a woman who possesses paranormal powers – and becomes spellbound.

Concert pianist Julia Franklin becomes the target of an ancient secret society when she inherits $1 Billion. Some bequests are fatal.

When ace con-man Ferdy Daniels dies, his daughter Rosa inherits his victims. Can she learn the con game in time to save her own life?

The bestselling account of how pseudoscience invaded biology and how Darwin’s ideas have been turned from scientific theory into theological dogma.

When the Second World War ended in 1945, the Government’s propaganda offensive was only just beginning. But now its target was the British people.

Why the world’s biggest companies sometimes behave in insanely self-defeating ways, risking their reputation and public image by irrational actions.

The love-hate relationship between England and Germany in two world wars and how it gave birth to the PR industry.

Why good science is sometimes thrown out with the bad science, by self-appointed guardians of the paradigm.

How to find investors to share your business dream and provide the cash needed to help you to get your new venture off the ground.