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Hi there. I’ve been a writer and journalist for more than 25 years and I’ve written a dozen books. I was once introduced at a speaking engagement as a journalist who writes stories other journalists wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. I’m still not sure whether the chairman meant this as praise or blame, but I take it as a compliment.

Some people think I’m a controversialist – I think I just ask questions most others don’t like to ask in case it upsets people. Either way I’m still an outsider, but one with a pencil and notebook.

Bad Company is about why large corporations sometimes do insanely self-defeating things. The Sunday Times chose it as its Business Book of the Week.  Best of Enemies explores the love hate relationship between Britain and Germany and examines the origins of modern propaganda warfare in the First World War. In 2016 the German TV network ARD made a four-part series with the same title based partly on my book.

Shattering the Myths of Darwinism is a critique of the process by which Darwin’s ideas have been turned into an unchallengeable theology and supported by pseudoscience, while Alternative Science explores the strange paradox that some scientists are averse to new discoveries – especially if they involve evidence that is anomalous and  ambiguous.

My latest book, The Ministry of Spin, looks at how sophisticated modern propaganda techniques were developed by Britain’s Ministry Of Information during the Second World War, and how those techniques were introduced to party politics in Britain by the post-war Attlee government of 1945-1951.

I also write fiction and have published three mystery thrillers.  Dead Secret is about a very rational journalist whose world is turned upside down when he meets and falls in love with a woman who seems to have paranormal powers. The Glass Harmonica is the story of a woman concert pianist who inherits a billion dollars and becomes the victim of an international conspiracy.  Conjuring For Beginners is about a woman journalist whose father – a notorious con artist – dies in Switzerland, leaving her the target of his victims.

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