The controversial best-seller that sent Oxford University and Nature magazine into a frenzy. Shattering the Myths of Darwinism exposes the gaping holes in an ideology that has reigned unchallenged over the scientific world for a century.

“Richard Milton is one of an honest few who dare to stick their heads above the parapet and expose the weaknesses of Darwinism publicly.”

Richard Milton exposes the secrets of the century–long love–hate relationship of Britain and Germany – steeped in mutual admiration, blood and propaganda.

“Fascinating and challenging.”

When the Second World War ended in 1945, the Government’s propaganda offensive was only just beginning. But now its target was the British people.

“An interesting tale, demonstrating a strong correlation between government public relations and misuse of public resources.”

Bad Company explains why some of the world’s largest companies sometimes behave in insanely self-defeating ways, jeopardising their reputations and public image.

Sunday Times Business Book of the Week

You have to feel sorry for the poor investor. On his or her desktop is a pile of plans from hopeful entrepreneurs, most of which will end up in the bin. This little manual explains how to stay out of the bin and find your funding.

“If you’ve got to write a business plan, I can thoroughly recommend it.”

In June 1814 the whole of London was agog at the trial of the decade. Accused of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the London Stock Exchange was Lord Cochrane – one of the most daring and popular naval captains of the Napoleonic war, and Member of Parliament for Westminster. Was he innocent or guilty?

“A rollicking good read for a history book.”

Richard Milton’s main theme is that professional scientists today are forbidden to venture into unconventional subject areas. Milton proposes that we are living through an era of academic intolerance, in which many American and British universities have been infected with a scientific fundamentalism.

“This is a must if you like the works of Noam Chomsky. We are heading for a scientific dead end unless something is done to correct the institutionalism of scientific research.”

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