It’s 1945, war is over: Major Sally Honeychurch of SOE thinks she is settling back into civvy life when she is recalled by the head of MI6 for one final mission – save London.

An utterly brilliant plot with a very believable scientific and political thread presented in a pacy style to keep the pages turning.” 

Hard-nosed journalist Tony Gabriel exposes psychic frauds and fakers in Britain’s highest circulation weekly, Insight Magazine. Tony thinks he has seen it all – until he encounters the stunning Eve Canning who seems to possess paranormal powers.

“This is a fascinating, and spine-chilling tale told by a Master of the craft of writing."

Rosa Daniels has spent years living down the reputation of her father, legendary con-artist Ferdy Daniels. When Ferdy dies, Rosa becomes the target of KGB and British intelligence chiefs. To stay alive, Rosa must unravel Ferdy’s web of intrigues. But to understand her father’s scams, she must learn to become as quick-witted and cunning as Ferdy, the magician.

“The Big Con!   Five stars."

Julia Franklin is an international concert pianist. Unknown to her, she is due to inherit a secret bequest from US founding father Benjamin Franklin  – one billion dollars – enough to bankrupt America's oldest bank when the trust matures. Some bequests can be fatal.

“Richard Milton is an extraordinarily talented author.”

True Stories: Mysteries of Crime and Punishment. Every story in this book is true – except one. Some tell of crimes that have gone unpunished by the law. Some are crimes against laws that are unwritten. And some are crimes that exist only in the mind.


“I enjoyed all of the stories in this collection and recommend it for your ‘must read’ list.”

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