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    Catherine Billam                                                                                                     Publication date 27 April 2019
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When Sally comes marching home

In 1945, World War II is ending.
For Major Sally Honeychurch the war is just beginning.

A new thriller by writer and journalist Richard Milton recalls the brave women of SOE, who risked their lives in occupied France, and their post-war battle for equality of treatment. Once war was over they were sent back to civilian jobs as teachers, secretaries and shop assistants.

1945: Major Sally Honeychurch is back in civvy street, haunted by the French resistance lover who died in her arms. When terrorists smuggle an atomic bomb into London, the Head of MI6 urgently recalls her for one last mission. Sally was present when the first atom bomb was assembled and tested in New Mexico. She is one of the few field agents who know what to look for.

Sally is the only woman among hundreds of soldiers and intelligence agents hunting the terrorists. She uncovers a clue to their identity that will rock the establishment to its foundations. To save London, she must not only track down the conspirators, she must also battle the prejudices of the men in charge.

“An utterly brilliant plot with a very believable scientific and political thread presented in a pacy style to keep the pages turning.”



“A great read – I was so impressed with all the research and background information you have used.”



“I couldn’t put it down!  Kept me awake. I love the ending.”


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Title: When Sally comes marching home
Author: Richard Milton
ISBN: 9781790392261
Publisher: Bowater Books
Publication Date: 27 April 2019
Formats: Paperback £7.99, Kindle £2.99