Is the EU really corrupt? Can’t it be reformed? Isn’t it basically a force for good?
– Have the EU accounts been signed off or not?
– Remain versus Leave – two awkward truths
– What has the EU ever done for us?
– How the EU uses our cash to buy supporters
– Why exactly does the EU want an Army and Air Force?
– ACTA – EU democracy in action
– Exactly how are we going to reform the EU?
– The secret Edward Heath kept from the British people
–  EU’s plan to tax the Internet
– Co–operation versus competition
– Why I sympathise with those who doubt the wisdom of Brexit

Will we be worse off or better off by leaving?

– Stay or Leave – better off?
– Stay or Leave – trade treaties
– Studies that show us better off out of the EU

Surely the EU is the source of our prosperity?
– Do we really need the EU single market?
– Do they need us more than we need them?

Won’t we just end up like Norway – all pay and no say?
– Project Fear and the Norway option

Isn’t leaving risky? Isn’t it safer to stay? Will planes still fly?  What about the £?
– The myth of the Brexit cliff edge
– Can the UK afford standards after Brexit?
– The value of the £ and playing for safety

How can Joe Public decide to leave when the experts say it’s foolish?
– The wisdom of crowds
– What political course corrections can teach us

What about Immigration? Don’t we need them?
– Lies, damned lies and immigration figures.
– Why immigration is a red herring.