Unspeakable Profession coverAn Unspeakable Profession

When Peter Fisher’s young wife dies, he moves to a small Essex town to lose himself in a new job and the safety of anonymous new surroundings. Trouble is waiting for him in the form of his first two patients.

Bunny Riley is an overweight, ugly-duckling 17-year-old, with a gift for trouble. Rebellious at school, Bunny is expelled and gets a job with an undertaker laying out bodies. Recognising each other as wounded outsiders, Fisher and Bunny develop a stormy but intimate relationship that breaks all the rules.

Fisher also becomes professionally involved with a local woman, Vera Osborne who hears voices. An alien named Angelus from the Planet Clarian warns her of man’s wickedness.  A religious urban cult, calling itself The Seekers, has formed around Vera, in the belief that the end of the world is coming and that sky people from Clarian will rescue the faithful.  Fisher, sees in their story an opportunity for professional celebrity, and joins the group.

It doesn’t take him long to realise that he has run away from one set of problems only to encounter others that are infinitely more complex and more challenging.


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