Alternative ScienceAlternative Science

This compelling tour through the world of anomalous research shows what many in the scientific establishment deny: That plenty of hard experimental evidence already exists for such things as cold fusion, paranormal phenomena, bioenergy and the effectiveness of alternative medicine.

Because these subjects and those who dare to investigate them are continually denied legitimacy by what can only be called the “paradigm police,” the public is led to believe that all claims made about such topics are completely groundless.

Alternative Science describes many instances when the defenders of scientific orthodoxy acted with unscientific rigidity in the face of the evidence. Faraday, Roentgen, Edison and even the Wright Brothers were thought to be charlatans by their contemporaries. It also looks at the forces at work in the marginalisation of unorthodox research and asks if there is not something fundamentally wrong with the way that science is currently being practiced.

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