Darwin cover newShattering the Myths of Darwinism

“The world of science faces the biggest challenge yet to one of its most basic beliefs: Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. An authoritative compilation of scientific findings.”
Neville Hodgkinson, The Sunday Times

“Richard Milton’s ‘The Facts of Life’ . . . could shake the ‘religion’ of evolution as much as ‘Honest to God’ shook popular Christianity 30 years ago.”
Leader Column, The Times

“Milton . . . utters some important warnings. We ignore them at our peril.”Julia Neuberger, The Sunday Times

In his popular book “The Facts of Life”, journalist Richard Milton shows Darwinism as a crumbling edifice, supported only by a conservative scientific establishment.”
Matthew Cockerill, The Daily Telegraph

“One of Richard Milton’s chief purposes is to argue that, in the absence of sufficient scientific evidence, Darwinism should not continue to be taught in schools and universities as though it were holy writ. In this he succeeds admirably.”
James Rogers, Literary Review

“The cover has a picture of a shattered Darwin, and with a passing reference to Marxism, the book attempts to consign Charles to the same dustbin as Karl. Here there is a valid point: ‘Ideological Darwinism has replaced scientific Darwinism in our educational system’.”
E. G. Nisbet, Nature


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