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One Reply to “When the truth lies”

  1. Caroline Macafee says:

    Excellent analysis. Richard opens up a big subject here.
    Seems that the successful propagandists of the past were careful not to blatantly contradict reality or commonsense. Somebody else pointed out (maybe Mark Steyn) that the man in the street is perfectly able to interpret the ‘honest signals’ of the economy – whether it’s a buyers’ or a sellers’ market for labour, whether there are shortages of housing, doctors, etc. I guess if there was a defining moment when the establishment jumped the shark it was after 9/11 when we were told from all directions that Islam was a religion of peace.

    Another reason we no longer trust ‘experts’ is that they’re no longer professionals guided by their own codes, policed by their own professional associations, and applying their professional competence with a large amount of individual discretion. They’re proletarianised employees, micro-managed by non-professionals, constrained by policies written by non-professionals, and ultimately answerable to accountants, not to their own judgement.

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